Moving? Downsizing? De-cluttering?

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If you are moving, downsizing or just need help de-cluttering your possessions, I am here to help.
No matter which you are doing it is difficult and very emotional. To make it less stressful it is good to have an unemotional and unattached person who can help you make decisions.

We all know that moving to a new or smaller home is a difficult time. Looking through belongings, such as books, photo albums, toys in the attic, packed away clothing and grandmother’s furniture can be very emotional and time consuming. Deciding what to bring with you into a smaller home can be overwhelming especially if your children have moved away or are too busy with jobs and/or child rearing to be too helpful.

So you need to proceed alone or with a professional.

One benefit to hiring a professional is that it can be easier to work with non-family members as they may slow down the process by putting things aside that they “might” want. Reminiscing about past the past and all their memories can make it even more stressful.

A professional can help you make unbiased decisions.

Moving is one of the top 4 most stressful things to go through. The others are loss of a job, loss of a loved one and divorce.

A professional will make all the difference.

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